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Lani’s former clients have this to say about her:

Lani Helped Me Eliminate Key Stumbling Blocks


understanding that added a sharp edge to my interviewing skills and presentation.

Lani helped me to examine and reframe my own areas of inadequacy with a skill I have rarely seen in a hired coach. Lani is an incredible listener and resonator. She brought a wealth of past experience and understanding into our discussions that helped me recognize, address and eliminate key stumbling blocks that might tend to hold me back.

She helped me to focus on my own story and frame up my brand, helping me to see the strengths I can bring to every interaction.  She also helped me to think big and thinks strategically about the future.   As I move into my new role, I will continue coaching with Lani because I know I will get an instant and enduring return on my investment.

Naomi is on of Lani's happy customers

-Naomi Inman, Portland, Oregon

Lani Really Knows Her Stuff

“I work in a nonprofit that helps people who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities get meaningful employment opportunities. I’ve always prided myself on the ability to build up my clients with language and a confident attitude, but Lani’s knowledge, professionalism, and clear vision really helped to push me to new heights. Her amazing use of language has completely re-shaped how I approach companies, my supported job seekers, and even my wife at home. Lani really knows her stuff and I strongly recommend her. She always goes the extra mile and is there to show her support through the process even when you least expect it!”

troy Rulmyr is on of Lani's happy customers

-Troy Rulmyr- Portland, OR

Lani is Amazing to Work With

“Lani is amazing to work with. She listens, observes, tests your comfort zone and then makes spot on recommendations. I sought her out because I needed to learn how to dress professionally after moving to Oregon from Hawaii (Lani is full of Aloha!) She helped me build confidence as I networked and made presentations. Her influence has a profound impact on my confidence personally and professionally!”

Sunny is on of Lani's happy customers


-Sunny Sassaman- Guiterrez, Portland, OR

Lani Gave me the Confidence to Achieve my Goals

“I want to thank Lani Grass for taking the time from her busy schedule to meet with me. I am currently in sales but hope to own my own business in the future. The time we spent together has been life changing. She helped me clarify my mission and brand, and my goal! Lani not only showed me the direction, but gave me the confidence to achieve my goals. I now move forward with purpose. Lani is an amazing woman, mentor and coach. You rock, Lani Grass! “

Clayton is one of Lani Grass's happy clients

-Clayton Judd, Portland, OR



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