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The Transformation Possible:

  • Speak easily at social events including parties and networking
  • Understand body language; how to read non-verbal social cues from others
  • Communicate effectively with extroverts
  • Feel comfortable speaking in public
  • Know exactly what to say to open conversations
  • Master networking events so that you feel more genuine, more relaxed, and more effective
  • Make authentic new connections with strangers
  • Feel comfortable alone in a crowd
  • Raise your confidence level in all situations

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One-on-one private sessions:

I love to work with introverts to teach you the skills and secrets of inner confidence needed so you can feel strong enough to take the next step in your life whether it’s business or personal.

I am also available for customized coaching on public speaking engagements and presentations

or See the Options Below:

Image Consulting

I can see you for all your amazing possibilities

This is my gift. I will sit with you and find out everything I can about you and share my vision of who you are. This immediately propels you into a realization of what you already know about yourself and what you hope to be. The shift in mindset is immediate.
From there, we strategize about a personal image for you that’s authentic, yet up-levels your image.
I then implement the strategy through a series of services which starts with wardrobe styling and may include hairstyle, eyeglass selection, as well as make-up.

Fact: Many of my clients are men, women and singles

Let me ask you this…

Do you feel like what you look like on the outside is congruent with the amazing person that you’re becoming on the inside?

If the answer is no, this program is just what you’ve been looking for!

Call Today: 503.928.9858

Backstage Business School

Do you ever feel nervous when you are talking to strangers about your business?

BackStage Business School ( BBS )  teaches you how to get CLARITY on your message, and CLEAR on why you are unique in your industry, while taking out the guess work, so you can speak to your potential clients and referral partners to get them to want to work with or refer you business. This program gives you the tools so you can organize your services and products to sound compelling and appealing to potential clients.

Do you have a career or a business that you want to be successful at, but you don’t know how to build relationships and gain trust from potential clients or business referral partners?

BBS teaches you how to connect to who you are and speak with a genuine voice to clients. This way of communicating exudes confidence and also helps others feel like you can truly partner with them in achieving their goals.  It is all in the way you powerfully speak about yourself and your business.

Do you feel awkward in sales conversations, or even feel afraid to ask for the sale?

BBS goes deep into what you need to be good at so you can make those connection points and have sales conversations that actually convert.  There is a big difference between someone who is authentic that you are drawn to do business with and someone who comes across as salesy. This program teaches you how to be clear, yet genuine in your conversations so you’ll have clients who will actually self-select to work with you. Wouldn’t that feel amazing?

Finally! A program that teaches you how to be effective in sales, yet takes away loads of the stress in asking for the close.

If you take your business seriously, and you want to be successful as an entrepreneur or in sales, then this program is definitely for you.

BackStage Business School

For more information on the next class, or if you’d like more details, please email me: Lani@backstagewithlani.com.

Call Today: 503.928.9858


Image and Personal Branding


The Confident Wardrobe Styling Package

  • Initial consultation- Discover your goals and create a strategy and list
  • Pre-shop for you so you don’t waste any time meandering through the stores
  • Private personal shopping- The fun part!
    Hair, eyeglasses and make-up consultations, as needed
  • Your new clothes created into an outfits list that you just print and hang up!
  • Follow-up consultation
Confident Wardrobe Styling package price: $995.00


Quick Result Package

One hour consultation.

  • Wardrobe audit- In-home session or shopping trip
  • One hour follow-up consultation
Quick Result package price: $495.00


Styling a` la Carte:

  • Personal shopping
  • Wardrobe audit
  • BackStage Beauty Bar
Rate is hourly and dependent on service needed

Call Today: 503.928.9858

Custom Workshops and Company Training

Workshop topics include:

  • Image and Personal Branding –

    Professional style in the workplace. This can be tailored to the needs of your company or industry. Your image is either client-attractive or keeps people wondering if you’re the best fit to work with.

  • Creating Your Company Brand –

    How to dress to make a great first impression and the verbal and nonverbal skills necessary to be successful in social settings.

  • BackStage Business School

    is also offered in a series of workshop settings for businesses.

Call Today: 503.928.9858

The Confidence Code

One of the hardest, but most important skill in life is the ability to sell yourself- to others, but especially yourself. We all have pre-conditioned mindset blocks that hold us back from our potential. The blocks come up periodically; we recognize them, yet we also allow them to limit what we think we can do.

Break the Cycle of Fear and Uncertainty

I give you the tools to help break this cycle of fear and uncertainty that keeps you from doing what you really want to do in your personal and professional life.
If you are in a place of transition to a new role, or feeling stuck where you are, I can help you put it all into perspective for you and give you the tools that you can use to help yourself through when you’re having deep feelings of doubt.

Is Anxiety Keeping your True Self from Shining?

Do you have a thought that pops into your head or anxiety when you want to do something, and you just can’t proceed for some reason? Do you absolutely know better and even though you’ve read many books or use positive affirmations, you still cannot succeed in consistently?
If this sounds like you,  you qualify to have a complimentary 1-hour Discovery Session with me to see if I can serve you on a deep level.

The Confidence Code is a coaching program that consists of a series of coaching sessions that will create a transformation, a shift in mindset.

I work with many introverts as well.

Call Today: 503.928.9858

Discovery Session

A  complimentary session is offered to explore what your blind spots or needs are and see if I can be of assistance to get you to your goals. At the end of the session, we will decide if we are a good fit to work together. Please  email me to set up a meeting via phone or in person, if you are in the Portland or SW Washington area.

Contact me at  Complementary Discovery Session  or  Lani@backstagewithlani.com

Call Today: 503.928.9858



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