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    Hello there!  I hope you’ve been marvelous! There have been some new and exciting things going on here. I started co-coaching an amazing virtual, live program for entrepreneurs. As I wrapped up our last group coaching course, Client Attraction Networking Blueprint, there were some discussions that made me think of you.  I realized that […]

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How to Wear Metallics!

Every season, there are new offerings in fashion that are eye-catching, yet let’s face it, not wearable for most of us. But if you weren’t interested in style, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now! You’ve been seeing metallics creeping in for a while now, but this season, they are getting even brighter and […]

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Beauty on a Budget!

Want to have the advantages of great products and services without spending all the cash? Who doesn’t? There are great alternatives out there. Let me help save you from some of the experimental process! See my fave picks below:   1. Olay Professional- ProX Advanced Cleaning System: This 2-speed cleaning brush used with the exfoliating […]

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The Introvert's Guide to Holiday Parties

It’s that time of year again, company parties and social gatherings everywhere. Will you have to mingle with company leaders as well as strangers and at the same time try make a good impression too? For a natural introvert, this is a stressful time of year.  But instead of trying to muddle through it, you […]

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A Girl's Got to have her Boots!

Is it my imagination, but the minute the weather turns colder, do you see 80% of the female population walking around in boots? With the huge popularity of boots and the confusing and countless array of styles you have to choose from, it’s no wonder you need a little hand-holding. But never fear; you have me, […]

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Instant Beauty Tricks That Really Work!

Ever get bored with the same old reflection staring back at yourself in the mirror every day? Ever wish you just looked better, more youthful, more hip or just, well, different? Here’s some things you can do today to get a little more gorgeous! 1. Get a new hair color. Whether you choose something drastic, […]

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Dress Thinner Instantly!

What is it with women always wanting to look slimmer? Why can’t we just accept our bodies the way they are? This is an age-old question and the answer differs depending on what country you live in and perhaps even what nationality you are. The only thing I know for sure is that my clients always want […]

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Warm Nights, Cafe' Lights…

Ladies, whether it’s you and your man or you and the girls, this is the season where you can really enjoy a night “out” on the town literally. The warmer temperatures make for it easy for you to use your imagination and show off a little with confidence! Not to mention how good the warm night […]

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A Stylist’s Guide to Summer Business Attire

As the temperature climbs and the outdoors is calling to us to come out and play, it gets harder and harder to drag ourselves to the office, much less dress professional enough to conduct business. But the impressions you give still play a tremendous role in your success, even when it’s summer! You may be […]

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If the Shoe Fits…. Buy it in Every Color!

Need I say more? As far as the most common guilty pleasures in life for women, shoes must rank in the top five! There’s nothing quite like pretty shoes to turn a girl’s head. The fashion scene has been overwhelmed by the intoxicating color and texture combinations of the last few seasons. Summer, of course, […]

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