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Receive the Six Surprising Steps to Instant Connection. One of the hallmarks of charismatic people is their ability to make others feel seen and heard in the first conversation. Utilize these easy steps and watch your world expand!

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The Confidence Code

We all have pre-conditioned mindset blocks that hold us back from our potential. Are you in a place of transition to a new role, or feeling stuck where you are? Do you have anxiety and feel like you can't proceed and you don't know why?

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BackStage Business School

Get crystal clear on what your business is, and what to say to prospective clients and strategic partners to have the business breakthroughs you’ve been waiting for.

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Your Image and Style

When you dress with intention, you will feel more confident. When you are more confident, you can attract what you want.

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The Millennial Leap

Do you feel like you're not getting the respect you deserve in your career? Do you wish you could just fast-forward to the confident you that you will be in 10 years? Learn how to step into your power, now!

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Lani is Amazing to Work With

“Lani is amazing to work with. She listens, observes, tests your comfort zone and then makes spot on recommendations. I sought her out because I needed to learn how to dress professionally after moving to Oregon from Hawaii (Lani is full of Aloha!) She helped me build confidence as I networked and made presentations. Her […]

-Sunny Sassaman- Guiterrez, Portland, OR

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